Tell Congress: We Can’t Afford to Outsource More Jobs

Watch as Robert Reich explains just what is wrong with the Trans-Pacific Partnership, then tell your member of Congress to vote no on fast track authorization for the TPP.

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Negotiations Update

May 22 – The Joint Negotiations Committee (JNC) has completed another two weeks of negotiations in Houston. All of the work during this session was done in one of four subcommittees. We were not successful in reaching any Tentative Agreements during this session.

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Board of Directors (BOD) Agenda Items

April 2 – This document contains 2015 BOD agenda items. This year the BOD will be held at The Flamingo Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV.


Bridging the Gap Day of Action

On June 16 we are conducting a System-Wide Day of Action with Flight Attendants throughout the industry and at airports across the country on June 16, 2015.

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