This year’s 44th Annual Board of Directors Meeting concluded today in Atlanta, GA. Below are the voting results for each agenda item:

2016-2017 AFA-CWA Annual Budget– Adopted

Electronic Balloting (Sections IX.H. & IX.M.)– Adopted as Amended

Nomination and Election Process (Article VIII.C.)– Not Adopted

BOD Meeting – Agenda (Articles V.D. & V.E.)– Adopted as Amended

Continuing Committees – Elections (Section XIV.)– Adopted as Amended

Dues – Obligation at Two Months and Elimination of the Initiation Fee (Articles II.C.3. and XI.C.)– Adopted as Amended

Dues – Prepayment of Annual Dues (Article XI.B.4.)– Not Adopted

Authority to Establish Local Councils (Articles III.A.3. & VI.B.1.i.)– Adopted as Amended, amendment was a subsitute resolution to send topic to Strategic Planning Committee

Flight Pay Loss (FPL) Accountability (Section IV.D.1.)– Adopted as Amended

Negotiations Policy – Tips from Onboard Sales (Section VI.C.35.)– Adopted

Negotiations Policy – Preamble & First Contracts (Section VI.)– Adopted

Never Forget 9/11 Honor Guard– Adopted as Amended

Study by the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC)– Adopted

Late Agenda Item- Agency Fee Requirment for Flight Attendants going into management- Adopted as Proposed, will go to Strategic Planning Committee for proper vetting.

JNC Update: April May 2-6, 2016

May 13- The JNC has completed another week of negotiations in Chicago.

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Solidarity: Power in Numbers

The Unions at United Airlines agree: Don’t Sign a Card.

April 11 – The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA) collaborates with other unions at United including ALPA, IAM, PAFCA and Teamsters, on numerous projects to support and improve the careers and quality of life of Flight Attendants and all airline workers.

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Merged Seniority List Compiled According to Process in AFA-CWA Constitution

May 13 – The merged seniority list is compiled as reported to AFA members since the merger of United/Continental/Continental Micronesia was first announced in 2010.

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