Communication from the MEC to the membership – and vice versa – improves our collective strength by demystifying our contract and making it accessible.  We also solicit feedback to continually assess the current communication needs of flight attendants.

EAP & Professional Standards

The AFA Employee Assistance Program is the vehicle through which our union delivers peer assistance services. EAP offers the previously separate services of mental health, CISM, Pro-Stan and CAP through local Base EAP Representatives.

Government Affairs

The Government Affairs Committee brings issues that affect our careers to the attention of our legislators on Capitol Hill as well as to state and local law-makers. The goal of the committee is to help legislate as much as possible, taking items off the table so that we won’t have to negotiate for them.


The Grievance Committee’s primary objective is the protection of all Flight Attendants against arbitrary and unjust disciplinary action. The committee upholds the collective bargaining agreement and provides the fastest possible procedures for arbitration of member grievances.

Hotel & Transportation

The Hotel & Transportation Committee is responsible to insure that the Company provides safe, clean, and reliable housing and transportation for Flight Attendants while on layovers. In addition, the Committee conducts site inspections of current as well as potential hotels.


Works with our professional negotiators, attorneys and consultants throughout the contract negotiation process.


The Reserve Committee coordinates meetings, creates publications, and adheres to the voices of members on reserve.

Safety, Health & Security

The Association of Flight Attendants fights exclusively to improve conditions that affect the safety, health and security of flight attendants. The MEC Air Safety, Health and Security Committee (ASHS) is assisted by full-time staff support in Washington, DC and is responsible for reporting and solving problems at the local level.


Acts as a liaison for AFA-CWA with the company regarding uniform changeovers and reissue concerns.