feature_reserve1-300x134This committee is the “VOICE” of the Reserve Flight Attendants at Continental subsidiary (s-CO), and a watchdog in protecting their rights under our current collective bargaining agreement. We coordinate with the Grievance Committee when the CBA has been violated. We work with Inflight Management and Crew Scheduling in clarifying contractual language. We strive to improve upon the Reserves work schedule, in order to obtain a true quality of life and keep the Flight Attendant community informed of our activities and actions.

The MEC Committee Chairperson works closely with Local Council committees to gather data regarding repeat contract violations against reserves, as well as collecting information for future contract negotiations. We meet with Corporate Inflight Management on a monthly basis to discuss these violations and concerns, while working to establish a corrective course of action.

MEC Chairperson

Neafa Gibbs

Local Chairpersons

Council 60
Bill Ines
Council 62
Position Open
Council 63
Position Open
Council 64
Position Open

Reserve Handbookreserve_handbook

Our Reserve Handbook has been updated for Continental Flight Attendants. It serves as a resource to find quick and accurate information regarding reserve duty, legalities, assignments, etc. The handbook was created at the MEC along with local input from the local Reserve Committees. It is available online and at your local union desk. For more information contact your local Reserve Committee.

 Download Reserve Handbook 

Reserve Move-Up Protocol

Per the contract between the first and fifth of the bid month additional lines may be constructed from vacation drops, month-to month adjustment and any remaining open time.  The crew desk will publish the move up list in CCS 48-hours prior (or sooner) to the first day of the bid month.  When constructing the move-up lines the crew desk will generally follow these guidelines.

Reserve Temporary Duty (RTD)

Trips will be constructed as follows:

  1. 1 day Airport Alert, only one Airport Alert assignment per duty day
  2. Open time that can be relocated to another base with sufficient reserve coverage will be constructed and placed into open time for available pick-up by the reserve pick-up window (when possible) and available per Section 5.I.
  3. Reserve Temporary Duty Pairings:
    • Every attempt will be made to build any necessary RTD pairings and place into open time for pickup prior to the reserve pick-up window
    • Flight Attendant will be permitted to pick-up open time at their home base after completion of an Airport Alert assignment in accordance with Section 5.I.10.a
    • RTD pairings will be constructed and placed into open time containing both outbound and return confirmed DH Flight segments and hotel accommodations, subject to reassignment per Section 5.I. Flight attendants need to contact the crew desk upon arrival for possible re-assignment and/or to agree on time of contact the following day.
    • RTD pairings shall include Per Diem from check-in until debrief at their home base.
    • For purposes of determining whether Airport Alert assignments can be extended an additional 2 hours, the RTD’s geographic location will be considered the base where they are sitting – not their home base.
    • Flight Attendants who live in a RTD location shall be permitted to volunteer for assignment in that location. They shall receive pay for any outbound and return DH as if the segments had actually been flown, and shall receive per diem from scheduled check-in in their base until scheduled return to their base but shall not be required to actually travel to/from their base to the Reserve Temporary Duty location