Welcome New Members!

Welcome New Members!

We’re glad you’re here! The best way to get started is by getting familiar with what AFA is, how your union works, and your AFA representatives and elected leaders.

As a new AFA Member, here are some ways that you can become familiar and engaged with your union:

  1. Learn how the AFA structure works
    • Read about your Local Council, the AFA structure within your base
    • Read about the Master Executive Council (MEC), the body that coordinates AFA across the airline
    • Read about the AFA Committees and the services that they provide to all of our Flight Attendants
  2. Acquaint yourself with your elected leaders
  3. Familiarize yourself with the Reserve Committee and how they can help and support you as you begin your new career.
    • Check with your Local Council to attend a Reserve Workshop
  1. Keep your contract with you at all times while flying.
    • Never hesitate to ask questions or call your Grievance Committee Members or LEC Officers if you need clarification on any issue.
    • Check out our Contract 101 library, which explain contractual provisions in simple terms.

After You’ve Competed Probation

Once you’ve completed your probationary period, we encourage you to get involved. AFA is your union! Opportunities to get involved include:

  • Volunteering to serve on an AFA Committee
  • Running for an elected AFA office

You can find out more on how to get involved after your probationary period from your LEC Officers within your base (EWR | IAD | SFO | CLE | ORD | IAH | DEN | LAX).

Questions & Answers

Yes. You can wear it as soon as you receive your “wings.” Please place on your lapel above your wings.
All Sections of the Contract, except for disciplinary grievances apply to you as a Member during your probation. Union Representatives are always available to answer your questions and concerns.
CAL-AFA can file a grievance on your behalf concerning contract violations. AFA cannot represent you in any disciplinary hearings during the first eight months; however, please contact a Union Representative if you are involved in any situation that could lead to discipline.
An initiation fee of $60 will be deducted in two $30 dollar installments. The first deduction will be on the 16th of the month following your graduation. This fee is charged in lieu of dues to help defray costs for administering the Contract, clerical and publication costs.  If for any reason, you do not complete probation, all Initiation Fee payments will be returned. This is a one time fee and is transferable should you ever change your employment to another AFA represented carrier.
Your $48 dues are not collected until the completion of your probation. You have completed a Dues Check-off Form during your Union presentation; dues are automatically deducted every month from your paycheck on the 16th of the month.
Yes, you are welcome to attend Union meetings during your probation period with United. We encourage you to get involved and volunteer for a committee of your interest.
Section 16.A.1. of our Contract states that Flight Attendants who are placed on the seniority list on the same day will be placed in order of their age. Seniority will be determined by from the oldest to the youngest.
Flight Attendants are eligible for medical and dental benefits on Flight Attendant training graduation day.  Election of specific benefits will need to be made through the United Benefits Service Center within 30 days after the date of graduation.