Council 60 – New Year – New Beginnings

Council 60 – New Year – New Beginnings

New Year – New Beginnings

Dear Flight Attendants,

I am sending you a final note to thank you humbly for the honor it has been to serve you as Local Council President.

Representing premerger Continental Flight Attendants in a legacy pm-United LAX base, with pm-United LAX management and pm-United Scheduling running the scheduling department presented ongoing challenges daily. In addition to ‘normal’ grievance handling and ‘normal’ representation during supervisor meetings, your Council 60 representatives have also been critical in helping base management learn our pmCAL contract and policies that have still been in effect since the base opened in 2012.
I am proud of the professional rapport that was necessary to build with local management in order to help produce more favorable outcomes for our members. Union representatives working IN the base provides for the opportunity to be able to have those necessary one on one conversations with individual supervisors in order to obtain necessary relevant information, as well as to provide easy access opportunity to advocate for Flight Attendants daily. Face to Face. We have acheived more grievance settlements in the last year than ever before. And we have prevented grievances from ever occurring by just simply having built that professional rapport- by dealing with management in a way that they are more willing to listen to our point of view. This produces results often. While perfection is a long way off and unrealistic, we have come a long way in the last year and a half.

Keeping reflections on the past short- it’s time to move forward.

Beginning tomorrow, January 1, 2017- We are all members of the new Council 12. We have elected representatives who begin a 3 year term.

A sincere Congratulations to our newly elected Local Executive Council Officers of LAX Council 12:

** AFA LAX Office Phone/ email : 310-646-7518

President Dante Harris 818-415-8190

Vice-President Kimberly Burckhalter

Secretary John Palumbo 310-200-2854

Council Representative Rafael Garcia 310-920-4294

Council Representative Marina Bins 832-607-1531

Council Representative Timothy Trueman

As always, I ask everyone to please do your part in making sure YOU have the tools you need to be informed and prepared. Put all of these contacts/ emails in to your phones ASAP so that you don’t find yourself in a crunch and asking how to contact a union rep on Facebook. Don’t just throw away useful info that you find in your v-files/ mailbox’s. Subscribe to AFA informational e-news/ e-lines. Read Inflight communications. Don’t be left in the dark. You will be stronger in doing so.

Lastly, everyone deserves a chance, an opportunity to prove themselves. But no one can do the work of a UNION…without YOUR participation. If you want to be represented in a certain way- then you must show up and be a part of it, The people showing up are shaping your / our union. In ALL unions.

I wish you and your loved ones a happy and prosperous New Year.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Rather ask- what makes you come alive? Then go and do it! Because what the world needs is people who have come alive” -Howard Thurman






Cari Kershaw
Council 60 AFA-CWA
Los Angeles