Council 62 Officers & Chairs

Council 62 Officers & Chairs





Continental Local Executive Council 62
Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO

Shaun McNulty was hired in 2001. Since day one he’s been union informed and union involved. Shaun began as a humble aid to various IAM campaigns, including reserve and pension issues and advanced quickly. Shaun was one of the original architects of Reserve Golden Pairings and eventually was appointed as Reserve Committee Chair. In 2009, Shaun rose to the position of Secretary/Treasure to the largest Transportation lodge within the IAM. Shaun’s work was well recognized and he refused advancements within the IAM because of sincere desire to help the people who worked with. Shaun fought vehemently for the IAM during the representational election and rose to the status of Steering Committee member almost instantly. He was vitally important to all aspects of the campaign and fought tooth and nail for his lodge till the bitter end.

In his personal life Shaun has also excelled as a Team Coach for North Brumswick High School Team 25, in the First Robotics Competition (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology Team). A self-taught robotics expert, Shaun has given back to the community he grew up in by leading young individuals on their path toward achievements in science. His work has lead to numerous awards for the children he coaches and has made Team 25 a World Champion and Top 5 seed in throughout the globe.

Shaun is a hard-nosed straight shooter who stands up for what’s right and who has helped lead his community and his co-workers.

Shaun is a father and husband and he and his wife have been proud members of the Continental United family and together have 30 years of flight attendant experience. His first commitment  as Vice-President will to be ensuring the voices of his members are heard and leading us once again on the best path for our collective success.

Vice President / Secretary
Continental Local Executive Council 62
Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO

David Janousek was born in Council Bluffs, IA. He has a varied background in restaurant management and as a front-line employee since 2000. He  has been an employee with Continental Airlines since 2005.  Upon the  announcement of the merger with United Airlines, David became involved  in the union process. He aided in the education of the second tentative  agreement and the ratification process. He became immensely immersed with true unionism and the aspect of what it really means to be a union: to become a part of a voice that is merely a group of people who band together to promote common interests. His passion has given him the drive to ensure that the membership he represents is always heard. Currently, David is attending the National Labor College for his Bachelors degree in Union Leadership and Administration.” In these times of the unknown, we must be certain that we are involved in the future of our career here, and the future careers of the people joining us. This will be my passion for the years to come.”

Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs

Name Position E-Mail Phone
Freddy Rivera Grievance Co-Chair 862-253-5411
Barbara Vallee EAP & Professional Standards Co-Chair 631-664-6564
Elizabeth Riley EAP & Professional Standards Co-Chair 908-358-6211
Marc Hopton Hotel & Transportation Chair n/a
Jorge Castano OJI Chair n/a