Council 64 – Upcoming IAH Council Election for the New 42

Council 64 – Upcoming IAH Council Election for the New 42

October, 6, 2016

Upcoming IAH Council Election for the NEW 42

Now that we have ratified a combined contract, we also have to go through the process of combining our MECs and our Local Councils. In Houston, this means Council 42 (sUA) and Council 64 (sCO) will become one combined group with a single President, Vice President, and Secretary. In keeping with the AFA-CWA Constitution and By-Laws we will use the lower of the two Council numbers going forward. So the Council number for the combined Houston bases will be 42, or as we noted at the top of our page – The New 42. New, because it will be a combination of all pre-merger Flight Attendants who are based in IAH under one administrative structure.

In this election you will be voting for three Officers (LEC President, LEC Vice President, and LEC Secretary), as well as two Council Reps. The Council Rep is a new position for IAH. Council Reps support the Local Officers, the Local Committees, and perform various other duties as assigned by the LECP. Since neither Council 64, nor Council 42 have ever had the Council Rep position, it will have to be approved by the membership at our combined local meeting on Wed Oct 12. Once approved by the membership, the position is added to the ballot. Our combined meeting will be at the Holiday Inn Express, on Will Clayton Blvd (near Hwy 59) @ 11:00.

The process used in this election is laid out in the AFA-CWA Constitution and By-Laws. We start with a nomination phase which will last from Oct 20 until Nov 9. After the nomination phase is complete, the nominees must submit a “willingness to serve” form to AFA International. The actual Election will begin on Dec 1 and continue until Dec 21, at which time the Officers of the New Council 42 will be announced along with the Certified Election Results. The term of office will be three years, from Jan 1, 2017 – Dec 31, 2019.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

See us at the desk, or call us @855-4-CALAFA, follow the prompts for Council 64

If you’re from Council 42, you can call us, or check with Franko Ocasio @786-459-8439

Above All Else… Vote!!!

In Solidarity,

Denny Wheeling
Council 64 AFA-CWA