Council 64: NEWS FLASH

Council 64: NEWS FLASH


In this email blast, dated May 9, 2012, you will find important information including:

  • Meeting Reminders
  • LEC 64 Storms City Hall
  • Contact Correction – Hotel and Transportation Committee
  • Uniform Boutique – Hours of Operation and Donations
Meeting Reminders

Three important meetings are scheduled next week:

Government Affairs Committee – Monday, May 14 starting at 10 AM LEC 64 Office

LEC 64 Monthly Union Meeting – Wednesday, May 16 starting at 11 AM Houston Airport Marriott

Reserve Committee – Wednesday, May 16 starting at 9 AM Houston Airport Marriott

LEC 64 Members Storm City Hall

The Government Affairs Committee is proud to announce a successful day at “Storming City Hall” on Tuesday, May 8th. Flight Attendants that participated included: President Manny Mireles, Vice-President Will Sanders, Deborah Brancato, Deggary Priest, Amber Barnwell, and G.A. Committee Members, Chair Ginny Stogner McDavid, Vice-Chair Angela Wells, Tonya Clay, Ingrid Vazquez, and Leslie Guzman. (If you were there and we missed your participation, we apologize.) Three overflow rooms had to be set up to accommodate the large crowds from United and Southwest.

In the morning, both airlines gave a presentation to the joint Transportation & Infrastructure Committee and Budget & Fiscal Affairs.

United’s presentation was based on evidence that shifting international traffic between 2 airports in Houston would not be beneficial for the city. Speakers on the United side included a former high-ranking Federal Aviation Administration official, Houston’s best-known economist, a nationally renowned aviation consultant from MIT, several company executives and LEC 64 AFA President Manny Mireles. When addressing the Houston City Council yesterday, LEC 64 President Manny Mireles stood firmly in his belief against the proposal saying, ”The proposed FIS terminal out of Hobby is a bad move. It is a bad move that will forever cripple the airline industry in Houston. It is a bad move that will cost jobs. It is a bad move that will cost routes. It is a bad move that will cost our local economy for years to come. Just like the bad moves of so many airline executives and government policy makers before us, what is being considered today, however well intended, threatens to write a new chapter in the what’s what book of fatal airline errors and it is you, who will be the authors if this proposal passes.”

Southwest’s presentation was centered on a talk by CEO Gary Kelly, who is being criticized for initially saying SW was going to burden the costs of the expansion. “Kelly even pledged to have Southwest pay for the $100 million expansion, though he later stepped back from such a commitment and acknowledged it would be covered by a $1.50-per-ticket fee increase on Hobby travelers,” according to Houston Chronicle reporter Chris Moran.

Southwest is relying heavily on an economic impact study that was commissioned by the Houston Airport System. The City Attorney issued a memo to all Council members last Friday stating that it would be illegal under federal law for the city to stifle competition, and that economic considerations could not play into the decision. This argument was countered by a United attorney Tuesday morning who was actually threatened with disbarment by the City Attorney.

In spite of a tight schedule for the Houston City Council Members, LEC 64 Members met with Steve Costello (At-Large 1), Larry Green (District K), Mike Sullivan (District E), Ellen Cohen (District C), and Mike Laster (District J) to voice our concerns. Fortunately, Jerry Davis (District B, Aldine area) and Mike Sullivan (Kingwood area) are on our side against the SW proposal.  If you have not yet done so, please log-on to to send an e-letter to the Mayor and Council members.

The next Government Affairs Committee meeting will be Monday, May 14 from 10am to 1pm, at our AFA LEC 64 Office  363 N. Sam Houston Parkway E (at the Imperial Valley exit). We welcome your involvement should you decide to join our committee.  For more information, contact Ginny Stogner McDavid at 832-922-0362.

Hotel and Transportation Committee Contact Correction

There was a typo in the last LEC 64 email blast and we would like make a correction. The correct email address for Jacqueline Parrott, Local Executive Council 64 Hotel and Transportation Chair is Please contact Jacqueline Parrott if you are interested in being a member of the Hotel And Transportation Committee.

Uniform Boutique

The Uniform Boutique will be open on the next 2 Mondays from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM. The Uniform Boutique is located at the AFA LEC 64 Office 363 N. Sam Houston Pkwy. E Suite 1100 Houston, Texas 77060. The boutique has free gently used uniforms for New Hire Flight Attendants and Crossover Flight Attendants. These uniforms were donated by your Flying Partners.

On Monday, May 14, please call Chrystie Farmer at 281-541-4873 if you plan on visiting the boutique between 9:00AM and 1:00 PM and contact Aimee Flannigan at 832-326-1764 if you plan on coming to the boutique between 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM.

On Monday, May 21, please contact Beth Fortner-Rodgers at 832-594-5383 between 9:00AM and 11:30 AM and contact Chrystie Farmer at 281-541-4873 from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM if you want to stop by our office to pick up or drop off uniforms.

We are ONLY accepting donations for dresses, short sleeve blazers, men’s ties, men’s short sleeve shirts, and sweaters. We are in great need of  “summer uniform option “ pieces. Donations will be accepted at our LEC 64 Office, the Union Desk in the IAH crew lounge, and at our next LEC 64 Meeting on Wednesday, May 16, 2012. All donations are greatly needed and appreciated. Thanks to all members who have donated.

The Uniform Boutique Hours for June will be listed in the next issue of LEC 64‘s “Flight Times.” If you have any questions about the Uniform Boutique, please contact Chrystie Farmer at or call her at 281-541-4873.

This email blast was brought to you by the collaborated efforts of the Communications, Government Affairs and Membership Engagement Committees and was approved by LEC 64 President Manny Mireles.