Council 62: Know Your Rights

Council 62: Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights

A brief message from your Council 62 Grievance Committee.

As a Union member covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement, also known as a contract, you are entitled to Union representation in any and all meetings that could result in discipline. In 1975, the United States Supreme Court upheld the decision that unionized employees have a right to union representation at any investigatory meeting in the case of the NLRB vs. J. Weingarten Inc. This is known as your Weingarten Rights.

Under these Weingarten rights, you should be allowed enough time to schedule a Union representative to have available for the meeting with your supervisor. Once you request to have a Union representative present, the company must respect that request or be accused of using unfair labor practices, which is a Federal violation.

In addition to your Weingarten rights, section 18 of your contract also adds that “Prior to any meeting which could result in disciplinary action or discharge, the Company will provide to the union copies of all documents, report, statements or other information, including copies of scheduling audio tapes that the Company intends to use as a basis for questioning or disciplining a Flight Attendant.”

Remember: Respectfully request the right to have a Union representative present, if one is currently not available, you have the right to ask to reschedule the meeting for a time that one IS available. Know your rights!

In Solidarity,

Joey Guider
President – Council 62 EWR

Charlie Hromjah-Black
Chairperson – Council 62 Grievance Committee