Council 62: Membership Services Announcement

Council 62: Membership Services Announcement

Membership Services Announcement

Members of Council 62,

This week, if not already, you will be receiving certified mail at your address the union has on file if you are behind on dues or missing a Membership Application. If you have completed both of these action items, this notice does not apply to you. Those that are in receipt of one or more of these items and feel this notice is not accurate, please contact Membership Services at 1-800-424-2401 or Bob Kenia, Director of Membership Services at AFA at: Since the representational vote held on June 29, 2011, AFA became the certified representation of the Continental Membership. AFA lagged on the education process our membership needed and many thought that their membership information would just convert over to our new representation. This was not the case. Many forms in the first few months never made it to the International Office. Since the formal officer elections in November of 2011, LEC 62 Officers and Reps committed themselves to making sure we educated FA’s, even if that meant starting from the ground up. From the beginning, we started simple and asked that you re-fill out forms so we could ensure they were received. This process entailed making copies of your completed, correct forms and a Friday mailing since then to the International. Although this was not fool-proof, we have seen the numbers of those not in full compliance changing to 100%. In addition to this we made multiple v-file stuffing’s, and ran the information monthly in our newsletter.

We never stopped making sure that our membership was educated and understood the ramifications if this process was not completed. This October we continued the education with the newsletter article from our LEC Secretary David Janousek showing the new DCO form that is a direct result of the new contract recently ratified. We are here to ensure the success of our membership without scare tactics. We are here to ensure the success of our entire membership so they can have a voice-especially when we come to a Joint Tentative Agreement in the future. Together all of us make this Union what it is today. AFA International works for us and will continue to assist us when we call upon them. Make sure you reach out to Membership Services today if you are in receipt of certified mail from AFA International. Remember, the Membership Services Department has the most up to date information and can happily assist you. Their number once again is: 1-800-424-2401 extension 707.  We must put this chapter behind us finally and come together as a whole. We are all the UNION.

** The new Dues Check off form will make you compliant as it allows for dues arrears collection.

In Solidarity,

Joey Guider, President
Continental Local Executive Council 62


Dues Check-Off Form

Membership Application Form