Council 64 Special News Flash: Move-Up Lines

Council 64 Special News Flash: Move-Up Lines

It’s the beginning of a new month and we’d like to take a quick moment to make you aware of an important occurrence:


Section 5.A.10. of the contract states:

Between the first and fifth day of the bid month additional lines may be constructed from remaining vacation drops, month-to month adjustments and any remaining open time. Regardless of how constructed, these additional lines will be awarded in seniority order. The lines will be constructed to comply with Section 5.A.1, and will be built with comparable days off as contained in the reserve line awarded. The days off will be as comparable as reasonably possible considering both available trips for the line construction and known operational requirements. A reserve move-up list will be displayed on the Inflight web site no later than forty-eight (48) hours prior to the first day of the bid month.

While this is very general language, and language that your LEC is committed to improving, the truth is every month between the 1st and the 5th Reserves anticipate a move-up with great hopes. We’re trying to do what we can to improve the likelihood that more Reserves get one. Mona-Lisa Herringtion, our local Reserve Committee Chair, has initiated a program to help. She will be meeting with a select group of Flight Attendants dedicated to that cause on May 14th. While more will be coming from the committee’s efforts, please take note of these quick tips that may help. We’d like to share these tips in anticipation of May’s move-up window.

  • Scheduling generally attempts to provide 25% of Reserves in a base a move-up line
  • Scheduling tries to have a dedicated scheduler doing move-ups but isn’t always able. When you notice the list stopped moving, it may not be that Flight Attendant’s fault.
  • Scheduling switches from base to base during the process; yet another reason why they pause sometimes.
  • Calling scheduling to ask “where you are” on the list only delays the process. If you’re NEXT on the list, feel free to call and let them know.
  • Make sure you always build to your guarantee and be prepared to cover high volume days such as weekends and holidays if you don’t already have them off.
  • Often times scheduling will only wait 20 minutes for a call back and then build your line for you.
  • Filling as many days as possible speeds up the process.
  • Between the 1st and the 5th, scheduling’s high call volume significantly affects available manpower to build move-ups.

You may also pull up the entire move up list well beyond the list that scheduling posts, and way ahead of the day they post it.

To Check the Move-Up List

  1. Log into CCS.
  2. Go to “Reports>monthly line award”.
  3. Choose Current base.
  4. Choose bid month.
  5. Select sort first by base seniority.
  6. Click the more choices box on the bottom right.
  7. Type in line min “900”.
  8. Type in line max “930”.
  9. Click “submit”.

You’ll find the entire move up list in seniority order for all reserves and you can do this the day lines come out. Plus, we all know scheduling posts the first 50 or so Flight Attendants on the Move-Up List, yet they always give out well above that amount. This way you can see if you are on the next list beyond what scheduling posts and you can do it 9 days before they post the move up list!

These are simply meant to be quick tips and are by no means all there is to know on the subject. Expect more details soon as the LEC, the Reserve Committee, and select volunteers work hard on doing what we can to improve the life of Reserves moving forward. Should contract proposals be requested again, please have your suggestions for Contract Language improvements ready and available for submission. In the meantime, if we can help just one more Reserve get a move-up line, we’ll have made a difference.

In Unity,

Manny Mireles
President, Continental Local Executive Council 64

Mona Lisa Herrington
Reserve Committee Chair, Continental Local Executive Council 64