Council 63: Council 63 Update

Council 63: Council 63 Update

Last week we wrapped up our local meeting in Cleveland. In attendance were various committee chairs and staff attorney Scott Goodman who explained the grievance process and the system board procedure. Attendance was better, but numbers are still low and we would like to see that improve. A motion was made for our next membership meeting to be held in Chicago and that was accepted. The date for our next meeting is September 19, 2013 in Chicago, location to be determined.

Safety Training
This week we will be sending three members of our safety committee to advanced training in Baltimore. Safety is a top priority and we are pleased to have three members that will be fully trained at Council 63.

We are still in search of committee members to help us grow stronger. We would love to see more people in Chicago volunteer their services for various committees. If you are interested in becoming a member of any committee please contact me at

Scheduling Tour
As previously announced we have secured the date of June 4, 2013 to host a tour of the scheduling operation at Willis Tower in downtown Chicago. Demand was high for this opportunity and space was limited. We did receive the maximum number of attendees almost immediately. We have started to assemble a waiting list for future tours. If you would like to be part of that waiting list please contact me at

O.N.E. Campaign
Keep a look out for fellow Flight Attendants wearing O.N.E. tags behind their flight badges.  These Flight Attendants are here to encourage support for the Joint Negotiation Committee, promote Solidarity across our workgroups and to help share the latest news on our ongoing Contract negotiations. The O.N.E. campaign and our representatives are devoted to ensuring that everyone remains aware of the progress our JNC is making to create a Joint Contract that will bring all of us together as O.N.E. combined United work group. Speak with a O.N.E. representative to have your questions and concerns answered, or visit the Our United website for the latest updates at:  Don’t forget to click on the sign-up for newsletter tab to have all the latest news delivered directly to your email.

Have a safe week everyone,

Jayson Jarrell, President Elect
Council 63 AFA-CWA