Council 64 – Letter Oppossing Southwest's Proposal

Council 64 – Letter Oppossing Southwest's Proposal

Members of Council 64,

Our international flying could be in jeopardy and we need to act quickly to oppose a proposal from Southwest Airlines to develop Hobby as a second international airport in Houston. Southwest could compete at IAH where there are plenty of idle gates at Terminal D and an existing Federal Inspection Services (FIS) that handles immigration and baggage processing. Allowing international flying out of Hobby will drain connecting traffic from IAH, making our and other airlines’ international flights uneconomical. Southwest’s proposal would change a more-than-40-year-old policy that IAH is the sole international airport so all passengers connecting to international flights go to one place, filling large planes needed to fly Asia, Europe and Latin America. This is the policy our airline relied upon when making the decision to invest more than $1 billion since 1996, and recently to commit to a $700 million project to redevelop Terminal B, to make IAH a world class international gateway.

If the city of Houston were to move forward, it would essentially be putting our jobs in jeopardy. That’s no way to treat 4000 Flight Attendants who work here and those of us who live, work and pay taxes in this community. That’s no way to treat our families. This would stunt IAH’s growth at a time it’s thriving. IAH is tied for the highest number of new destinations of any US international hub and connecting international traffic from our other hubs is up 25 percent.

We need to speak out loud and clear against this proposal. The issue is moving quickly and the city may make a recommendation on the proposal as early as April 9th. We are coordinating with United and other like-minded constituencies to oppose this proposal and we will need your help. This weekend we will launch a campaign to include all of our voices and more detail will be shared as soon as it is finalized. If you are working, please stop by the AFA desk for the latest news.

AFA Council 64 Government Affairs Chairperson Ginny Mc David will testify before the City Council on Tuesday, April 3, 2012 at 1:30 PM at 901 Bagby Second Floor (Council Chamber, 77002). We need as many Flight Attendants in uniform as possible  to be there to back up her message. Please RSVP to Ginny McDavid by emailing her at or call Ginny at  832/922-0362.

Please help spread the word and be ready to take action. It’s really hard to ignore 4000 Flight Attendants speaking with one voice.

In Solidarity,

Manny Mireles
LEC 64 President