Council 64: Reserve Weekend Lines

Council 64: Reserve Weekend Lines

Sisters and Brothers,

Council 64 is an adamant supporter of Reserve Improvements. We have continually fought for them and will not stop, be it now, or in Contract Negotiations. We will do it with respect to the majority AND also with respect to minority concerns. As was once written:

“The minority’s rights must be protected no matter how singular or alienated that minority is from the majority society”. -Anonymous

This being said, the recent change to system wide Reserve lines occurred, with disregard to the proper channels of communication, hierarchy and democracy we’ve instituted ensuring all stakeholders have an opportunity to discuss issues at hand. As such, a conversation with the MEC has been quickly initiated.

To be clear NOT ONE formal meeting with Local 64 or the MEC was ever had with regards to this initiative and the belief  casual conversations with the Reserve Committee resulted in a SYSTEM wide change is hard to fathom. Council 64 has requested clarification on both the motivation for the change and future plans with regards to this very important issue.

A singular Reserve Committee, officer or even LEC, does not speak for an entire MEC and airline and it should never have been perceived as such. Despite what may be noble goals, a firm respect for all of our brothers and sisters must be mandated. Decisions that affect so many should be based on conversations that respect that magnitude. We firmly support Reserve Committee initiatives and their desire to do the best for the constituency they represent. We do so with proper consideration of the membership as a whole and with the understanding that Local Committees, speak for that Local demographic not the system at large.

Please know Council 64 not only appreciates and desires your input, we need it, and so does the MEC. The continued mantra at our Union meetings is, “We’re smarter with you in the room” and with that, we hope to see you there.

In Solidarity,

Manny Mireles, President
Council 64 AFA-CWA