Council 64: Special News Flash

Council 64: Special News Flash

Brothers and Sisters,

In this email blast, you will find important information including:

  • Mark Your Calendar
  • Reserve Committee Update
  • Uniform Boutique
  • Jumpseat Update
  • Call for Committee Members for the EAP Committee and Hotel and Safety Committee
  • Grievance Update
  • Communications Update
  • Crossovers

Mark Your Calendar

May 8, 2012 – LEC 64 is in need of volunteers to” Storm City Hall” on Tuesday, May 8. The Southwest Airlines proposal to fly international flights out of the Hobby Airport could threaten S-CAL Flight Attendant jobs. The company has already mentioned a 10% cutback in flights in and out of Houston if this proposal passes. For more details, visit or contact Government Affairs Committee Chair Ginny Stogner McDavid at Bus transportation to City Hall is being organized, stay tuned for more information.

May 16, 2012 – Reserve Committee meets at 9 AM. The LEC 64 monthly Business Meeting starts at 11 AM. Both meetings are at the Houston Airport Marriott. Come join us!

Reserve Committee Update

Recently, there have been a higher number of errors made in Reserve to Reserve trading days. The Reserve Committee would like to remind our fellow Reserves of a couple of key points.

  • Always double check the Employee number and day before you enter it. Also check to see the advertisement is still in CCS. Many Reserves mutually agree to take their ads out before the open window, if the ad has been removed you may not continue with the trade.
  • Trading a day with a Reserve without their permission could result in disciplinary action up to and including termination according to management.
  • Before you advertise a day make sure it is the day you want, and that you are legal for the trade. For example, you can not trade a day away that will make you good for more than 6 days in a row.
  • While Facebook trading pages have been helpful to some, it is not a company approved method of trading. If you advertise in an unapproved way and then have problems with your trade the company will not help you get your days restored.
  • Putting your name and phone number in the notes section of the advertisement can help you in several ways. If there are any questions about your advertisement, another Reserve can contact you. It also creates the possibility for another Reserve to contact you before the open window and make trade arrangements.

The Uniform Boutique

The “Uniform Boutique” is open on the next 3 Mondays from 10 AM to 4 PM for New Hire Flight Attendants and Crossover Flight Attendants in need of additional uniform pieces. These free uniforms are gently used and were donated by your Flying Partners. We will also be accepting donations for dresses, menswear, sweaters and ties at the LEC 64 Office. The  “Uniform” Boutique is located inside our office at  363 N Sam Houston Pkwy E Suite 1100 Houston, Tx. 77060. Please stop by for pick up or drop off on the following Mondays: May 7, 14, and 21.

Jumpseat Update

Both S-UAL and S-CAL Flight Attendants can jumpseat on both subsidiary airlines. Please note when you list for the jumpseat, S-CAL FAs are coded as SJ2G and S-UAL FAs are coded as SJ2U. While jumpseating on your respective carrier’s metal, you should have priority in seniority order. For example, if you were listed on a S-UAL aircraft, all S-UAL Flight Attendants would be cleared first. We have had reports at the grievance desk about customer service agents not following the protocol for Flight Attendant Jumpseaters and just looking at the date of hire and not considering whether it is S-CAL metal or S-UAL metal before assigning jumpseats.

Hotel and Transportation Committee Call to Serve

The LEC 64 Hotel & Transportation Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Company provides safe, clean, and reliable housing and transportation for Flight Attendants while on layovers. In addition, the Committee conducts site inspections of current as well as potential hotels. Projects include comparing the S-CAL contract with the S-UAL contract to prepare for future joint negotiations. If you are interested in becoming a member of this committee, please contact LEC 64 Hotel and Transportation Chair at Jacqueline Parrott at

Employee Assistance Program Committee Call to Serve

The LEC 64 EAP Committee continues to grow and help members with a variety of life situations. Currently, the Committee is looking for volunteers for the Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program. This FADAP’s mission is to support a culture of safety while helping Flight Attendants reclaim their personal and professional lives through substance abuse awareness, referral for assistance and a Flight Attendant specific recovery support system. To become a volunteer, you will need to have at least two years of sobriety and a strong desire to help your fellow Flight Attendants going through recovery. A training class will be scheduled that focuses on the FADAP structure and protocol. Interested members contact LEC 64 Committee Member Trish Jones at or call her at 318-560-9039.

Grievance Update

If you are called in for a meeting with your inflight manager, please take a union rep with you. We still have members who are waiving their right to meet with management with a union representation. The grievance team is willing and able to assist members, so please utilize their services.

Communications Update

There are a lot of things happening with the Local Executive Councils (Council 62,63, and 64) as well as the Master Executive Council. Please visit the website for the most recent updates. The website has a designated page for each Local Executive Council.

The Master Executive Council and the Local Executive Councils also send out salsa email blasts. If you know a coworker who is not signed up , please direct him or her to the following link: Do not forget to choose to receive news from Houston Local Executive Council 64 at the bottom of the sign in page.

LEC 64 also has a Facebook page called Council 64. If you visit the page and “like” it, you will get updated posts right to your Facebook wall.

AFA International has an e-news program called AFA Interactive. You can sign up for these emails at: AFA Interactive is AFA’s e-newsletters with information about all of the member airlines within the AFA and the activities of our union. E-Activist Alerts are sent when critical action is needed by all AFA members to advance our Flight Attendant careers. Both publications are produced by the AFA International Office. This is a different sign up link than the CAL AFA link.

Crossover Flight Attendants

Crossover FAs from S-UAL will be attending training the first week of May. It is an expedited training program and we anticipate their arrival on line starting mid May. Please give our new Flying Partners a big Texas welcome! Special thanks to the Reserve Committee and Reserve Vice Chair Albert Monpeller for putting together a welcome reception and a CCS training program for our Crossovers last night.

Many thanks for those who have stepped forward to serve our membership. Our union is only as strong as its members. It is never too late to become an active member of your union.

In Unity,

Manny Mireles
President, Continental Local Executive Council 64
Association of Flight Attendants-CWA