Council 64: Special News Flash: EAP Committee Message

Council 64: Special News Flash: EAP Committee Message

Members Helping Members

The purpose of the EAP committee with the Association of Flight Attendants is to support our members and their families. We accomplish that every day by being available for our Flight Attendants at every possible opportunity.

The EAP is a support service provided by Flight Attendants for Flight Attendants, their families and partners. EAP peer representatives are trained to provide three distinct , but interrelated services which include:

1. Assessment Support and Referral Services
We assist members in identifying and developing an action plan to address personal and work related concerns. When professional services or resources are required, the EAP representative identifies an appropriate referral and facilitates the Flight Attendant’s successful linkage to help.

2. Professional Standards
EAP offers a range of conflict resolution strategies, skills and support to help co-workers resolve disputes among themselves without the need of management intervention.

3. Critical Incident Response
EAP offers and/or coordinates a range of critical incident stress management services to promote and accelerate recovery in the aftermath of a traumatic and/or critical incident both on and off the job.

There is a very distinct difference between “the Company EAP “ and the Association of Flight Attendants EAP peer support program¬†

“We are Flight Attendants”

  • We understand the challenges of our work culture.
  • We know how commuting, endless departure from our family and friends, work schedules and challenging work environments can complicate life for our Flight Attendants.
  • We also are going to advocate with the compassion and concern of a peer that can identify and relate to our life stresses.
  • We are not 9 to 5 payed staff with weekends and holidays off.
  • We are Flight Attendants who fly the line and make ourselves available around the clock for our co-workers.
  • We are volunteer EAP representatives who have a skill and a passion to help our fellow Flight Attendants.

We need your support!

How can I help?

Become an EAP representative in one of our 5 new Satellite Bases. Look for your local EAP representatives in your new base, or while flying around the system. Look for our EAP representatives wearing their AFA EAP Pin on our uniforms and inquire about becoming a EAP Representative. You may also call 1-855-4CAL-AFA option 5 (1-855-422-5232) and ask any of our EAP representatives how you can get involved.

Do I have to become an EAP representative in order to help our Flight Attendants?

No. You can get involved by letting our troubled flying partners know where to go to get help. Make sure you have the 1-855-422-5232 option 5 number handy to give any Flight Attendants in need.

Help report any Professional Standards issues to the AFA EAP committee and let’s handle our disputes within our union instead of involving management. 1-855-422-5232 option 5

Report any trauma or critical incident on board the aircraft to our AFA EAP committee instead of social media. Our AFA EAP committee does not monitor Facebook, however we take all reported calls to 1-855-422-5232 option 5 very seriously and we do our best to try and contact everyone in a timely matter.

Will our AFA EAP representatives expose our business and/or breach our confidentiality to any one?

Absolutely not! Our integrity as a peer support program is dependent on our ability to provide confidential support to our co-workers and their families.

We will not disclose your information to anyone without permission and a written consent from you to talk to anyone outside of the AFA EAP committee members and our International Employee Assistance Professionals.

That means anyone: your supervisor, your union leaders, your spouse or family members… one.
Our only exception to this rule is if you have admitted to the possibility of harming yourself or someone else. In that case it is our responsibility protect you and others.

What if I am flying with someone who appears to be intoxicated or on drugs?

This can be a challenging occurrence for any of us to face. Naturally we don’t want to get anyone in trouble. However by not using your co-workers inability to control their alcohol and drug use in the work place, you put yourself and them in great danger and you also prevent them from getting the help they need immediately.

Confront them as a concerned co-worker and tell them to get the help they need by contacting 1-855-422-5232 option 5.

Call us immediately and provide us with enough information to contact the Flight Attendant and try to get them the help they need. We can protect your confidentiality; however, your anonymity may be difficult to hide depending on your work relation with the troubled Flight Attendant and the incident in question.

We can get them the help they need, and your intervention may not only save their jobs it may save their lives.

So now that you know how you can help, we look forward to hearing from you.

The success of this peer based program relies heavily on your support. Awareness is the antidote for helping our troubled flight attendants.

Please get involved by:

  • Contacting our AFA EAP representatives.
  • Volunteering to be an AFA EAP representative. Go to left hand corner find the employee assistance link and fill out the online application today.

We look forward to working with you soon.

October Crew Room base visits are scheduled, so look for us in your base next month. We will provide resources and contact information, answer any questions you may have and recruit for EAP representatives system wide.Members helping members.

As the MEC EAP Chair, I would like to thank you in advance for your support.

In Solidarity,

Rodney P. Hunter, EAP & Professional Standards Chair
Continental Master Executive Council