9-11 Commemoration, The Never Forget Campaign

9-11 Commemoration, The Never Forget Campaign

We RememberNearly ten years ago on September 11, 2001, we lost 25 Flying Partners and our profession changed forever. Our heroes were among the first to alert us to danger and courageously fought back. We promised to Never Forget our heroes who were first responders in the sky. We promised to Never Forget the events of that day and to ensure they never happen again. Our heroes from that day will forever unite us.

For some, September 11th will be marked with private personal gestures such as observing a moment of silence, spending quiet time reflecting, or dedicating our flying to our profession. For others, it will be marked with collective activities such as ceremonies and memorial services. There is no right or wrong way to mark the day and we encourage you to read a message from AFA EAP that offers some suggestions that may be helpful as you prepare for the day.

Flight Attendants have been responsible for building memorials to our heroes throughout the country. We were recently made aware of a memorial that is standing due to the efforts of Continental Flight Attendant Deborah Calimano. Deborah visited the 9/11 memorial in Essex County, NJ, and found it lacked a significant Flight Attendant Memorial. Deb approached the county and, single-handedly, was able to have a memorial installed. Deborah has been the first speaker, after the moment of silence, for the past two years to address the crowd, using this time of commemoration to acknowledge the heroism of Flight Attendants and educate the gatherers of our role as first responders.

Deborah is in need of assistance for organizing the events at the memorial this year. Uniformed crewmembers are encouraged to attend and if you would like to take part in the event please send an email to memorial@afacwa.org and we will provide your information to Deborah.

Our special on-line memorial and tribute to our heroes provides a list of ceremonies, fund raisers and services. Find the memorial at www.afacwa.org/neverforget . We will add to this resource as we are made aware of additional events. We will also add your words to the memorial if you would like to share your thoughts. Please contact: communications@calafa.org  for more information and to participate.

Our heroes will forever unite us.