Union Update – Mar. 24, 2012

Union Update – Mar. 24, 2012

Contract Negotiation Update

We had substantive and positive discussions with the company this past week regarding our Section 6 negotiations.  We made progress towards setting an aggressive schedule of dates to conclude our contract and move on to joint negotiations.  With the single PSS behind them, the company has reaffirmed their commitment to focusing on our needs.  We will have additional discussions this coming week and we will update you on our progress.

Your CAL MEC Negotiating Committee originally met with the company on Monday, March 5, 2012 as required in our Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Your committee entered the process with a comprehensive proposal to address our immediate needs as expressed by the membership and paving the way for us to enter into joint contract talks later this year.  We are ready to enter an expedited process with the company, conclude our Section 6 agreement quickly, and move to joint negotiations.

Why a Single Contract Now before Joint?

The purpose of this Section 6 contract for S-CAL Flight Attendants is to secure our basic needs and provide us the financial and job security required for to enter into joint negotiations.  Entering into joint negotiations with an amendable agreement would place us on unequal footing because the S-United Flight Attendants have the advantage of a 4 year contract with all of the financial and security benefits it affords.   Further, our brothers and sisters at S-CMI have been working under an amendable contract since 2010.  We stand arm in arm with our S-CMI brothers and sisters who will be exchanging their comprehensive proposal with the company on March 28, 2012.

Your CAL Master Executive Council asks for your total support while we seek, without delay, to place us on the same secure footing as our S-United brothers and sisters.

In Unity,

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Marcus N. Valentino, President
CAL Master Executive Council