Union Update – Mar. 30, 2012

Union Update – Mar. 30, 2012

Contract Negotiation Update

Your CAL MEC Negotiating Committee originally met with the company on Monday, March 5, 2012 as required in our Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Your committee entered the process with a comprehensive proposal to address our immediate needs as expressed by the membership and paving the way for us to enter into joint contract talks later this year.  We are ready to enter an expedited process with the company, conclude our Section 6 agreement quickly, and move to joint negotiations.

Additionally, the CAL, CMI, and UAL MEC Presidents and the International Officers met in Chicago on March 26, 2012 to discuss the current state of negotiations and to identify opportunities to move forward.  The MEC Officers and AFA International Officers have agreed that concluding all Section 6 Contracts prior to entering into Joint Contract Negotiations is priority number one.

We are still waiting for dates and we have scheduled additional meetings on Monday, April 2, 2012 for the purpose of selecting those dates and locations.

Reserve Survival Guide

A reserve handbook has been developed for the reserves.  It will serve as a resource to find quick and accurate information regarding reserve duty, legalities, assignments, etc. The Reserve Survival Handbook was created at the MEC along with local input from the local Reserve Committees. It will be available online and at your local union desk next week.  For more information contact your local Reserve Committee Chairperson.

New-Hire Buddy Program Changes

After careful analysis, it was decided that the new-hire Buddy Program would be folded into the Reserve Committee and will be enhanced to serve the needs of our new-hires.  It is important that we support our new-hires every step of the way and this change will allow our Reserve Committee to offer end-to-end support for our new-hire reserves.

That is all for now – fly safe,

In Unity,

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Marcus N. Valentino
, President
President, CAL Master Executive Council