Union Update – Jan. 27, 2012

Union Update – Jan. 27, 2012

Record Setting Profit Sharing

It is profit sharing time again. The company has announced that each S- Continental Flight Attendant will receive approximately 5% of your W-2 wages. As always, you can elect to bring the money home with you to your family or you can elect to contribute some or all of it to your 401(k). You must make your elections by January 30th – log onto the Flying Together website and go to “All About Me”. As an example, an S-CAL Flight Attendant earning $80,000 will bring home or put into their 401(k) (their choice) $4,000 in profit sharing!

Proposal Process Continues

The contract proposal window will remain open until Friday, February 10, 2012. After the window closes, your proposals will be sent to the CAL MEC offices in Chicago for tabulation. Your participation is required because your proposals will directly influence the direction of single and joint negotiations.

MEC Committees

We would like to welcome all the new committee chairs to the MEC for training on Monday, January 30, 2012. The training will be two days. Please log onto www.calafa.org and see who will be fighting for your interests.

Stock Options

Your contractual stock options are expiring February 1, 2012 – Make sure you exercise your options.

Membership Pays

S-Continental Flight Attendants are some of the highest paid in the industry with some making over $100,000 per year. S-CAL Flight Attendants enjoy superior pay and flexibility as a result of their union contract. Being a member of the union doesn’t cost you – it pays. Make sure you have submitted your AFA membership and dues forms – if you have questions or concerns please see your local council representatives. Be union proud and turn your forms in – protect what you have, fight for what you deserve.

In Unity,

Marcus N. Valentino
President, CAL MEC