Crew Safety and Well-Being in Mumbai

Crew Safety and Well-Being in Mumbai

7.13.11 — Today, there were three explosions in Mumbai in different areas of the city, with initial report indicating 10 people have been killed and 100 injured thus far. The company is reporting that the explosions have not directly affected the crew hotel or Continental operations.

Your Newark AFA Council 62 Officers have reached out to the crew in Mumbai, and are in communication with Corporate Security and Inflight Management. All crewmembers are confirmed safe and accounted for at this time.

If the need arises, AFA EAP may be reached toll-free (US or Canada) at 800-424-2406 or direct dial (outside the US) at 202-434-0560.

The airport continues to operate normally although airport and hotel security has been tightened. In addition, increased security throughout the city may cause traffic disruption and increased security checks in Mumbai. AFA is also in contact with management to confirm any necessary alternate procedures for crews and crew security.

If you have questions, please contact your Local Executive Council (LEC) Officers at 855-4-CAL-AFA and stay connected to our Master Executive Council (MEC) website at

Coping with Traumatic Events

As safety professionals, Flight Attendants are typically at greater risk of experiencing traumatic events, such as serious injuries or life threatening situations, than the general public. Such events, whether actual or threatened, can produce a traumatic stress reaction. Exposure to multiple traumatic events may reawaken the feelings and thoughts of prior incidents. Sometimes, such events occur without warning or in ways that leave one with no immediate escape from a threatening situation, thus greatly increasing stress.

People react to traumatic events in many different ways, but there are some common patterns. Fortunately, there are also some effective ways to accelerate recovery. There is no one way to react to a traumatic experience. You may react very differently than your flying partners, both in terms of intensity and time of occurrence. You may experience emotions that keep changing without warning, or you may initially experience no emotions at all.

Don’t wait to ask for assistance if you need help copying with any incident. AFA EAP is available to assist you following a traumatic event or in times of personal crisis. Call 800-424-2406.