FMLA Update

FMLA Update

Brothers and Sisters,

Solidarity has always produced remarkable results, and we are happy to announce after countless meetings your CAL AFA Local Executive Councils have made a huge step forward in streamlining the execution of the Family Medical Leave for all bases. After meeting with management and human resources in EWR, CLE, and IAH over the last four months on numerous occasions, our campaign to end certain practices produced the following results:

Management has agreed to STOP requesting that the Company Family Medical Leave Cover Sheet be filled out. Corporate will be removing this form from its policy manual and intranet site within the next week.

In Houston, Inflight Supervisors have already begun purging Flight Attendants’ personal files of FML (Family Medical Leave) records and medical records. These records will be scanned into the FML Supervisor’s database and destroyed or physically be stored in the office of the Family Medical Leave Supervisor in each base instead of your Supervisor’s office.

In Houston, a direct fax line to the FML Supervisor, Aleta Stansberry, has been set up. Your personal health information will no longer be faxed or in the possession of your immediate supervisor. In Houston, the primary fax number for Aleta Stansberry, IAH FML Supervisor, is 281-553-1229 and the secondary fax is 281-553-1194.

Counting your ”days off“ towards your 12 weeks of FML leave per year for chronic conditions is no longer an accepted practice if you are on intermittent leave(s.)

As a reminder, we encourage all members to fill out the federal form for FML. This form is contractual.

During the transition, we will continue to file grievances concerning FML and hold management accountable for any infractions to these newly established guidelines. I would like to personally thank the grievance teams and all members who stepped forward, filing grievances in EWR, CLE, and IAH. We are proof that local action can produce system-wide change.

Fly safe and hope to see you at our next Local Executive Council 64 Meeting on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at the Houston Airport Marriott.

In Unity,
Manny Mireles
Association of Flight Attendants-CWA
President LEC 64