Grievance Procedures – IAM Needs to Return Your Grievance Files

Grievance Procedures – IAM Needs to Return Your Grievance Files

On July 11th 2011 your AFA leadership met with Senior Management and the company agreed to temporarily suspend 30 day deadlines for filing grievances or handle discipline cases in order to transition without any harm to a Flight Attendant.

It is necessary to temporarily suspend deadlines for contractual grievance filings and disputes of any discipline issued during this transition to ensure every Flight Attendant has the right to fair representation. AFA is moving forward with grievance procedures and representation of Flight Attendants, but we cannot fully proceed with out the grievance files from the IAM. To date, the IAM has failed to turn over the original grievance files as required under NMB rules for representational transitions.

AFA has a legal department that goes to bat for the Flight Attendants we represent. This includes an in house legal staff of 12 highly experienced labor attorneys who are solely focused upon the contractual and legal rights of our members. We have yet to receive original grievance files and an accounting of all grievances from the IAM. Once these have been obtained, our staff can process your grievances and we will vigorously defend your contractual and legal rights.

Let’s be clear here — There have been no changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement and this is a temporary working agreement only to ensure that you have proper representation and every opportunity to enforce your rights. This transition agreement in no way changes or modifies contractual rights on any permanent basis.

We call upon IAM to turn over all Original Grievance Files immediately for AFA’s use in defending your contractual rights.