Healthcare Settlement Update (Jan. 27, 2014)

Healthcare Settlement Update (Jan. 27, 2014)

Dear s-CAL Flight Attendants,

We have received the final numbers for the healthcare settlement from the company. A total of 4,583 s-CAL Flight Attendants will be receiving a lump-sum payment of $1,000 each. Payment will be via direct deposit where applicable and will be subject to taxes per IRS regulations. You can expect to receive your payment within the next week or two – payroll is currently building the applicable payroll files. When we get the exact date, we will publish it on the website where you will also find a Q and A regarding this settlement.

This settlement covers those who selected the 90% Aetna plan for 2014 – no action is required on your part to receive your settlement payment. There is a class-action lawsuit unrelated to this settlement filed by Aetna policy holders which some of you may have received paperwork in the mail for – this lawsuit is totally unrelated to our settlement.

In Unity,

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Marcus N. Valentino
President, CAL AFA