Known Crewmember Update: EWR [Updated]

Known Crewmember Update: EWR [Updated]

Known Crewmember Update: EWR [Updated]

Sisters and Brothers,

The LEC 62 Officers, along with MEC President Marcus Valentino and International President Veda Shook, spent yesterday reaching out to the company and various government agencies to spur the implementation of Known Crewmember (KCM) screening in EWR. We happily report that we have been told by TSA that KCM will be functional in EWR today, October 24th.

Flight Attendants will proceed through the KCM lane at C3 checkpoint (adjacent to the exit lane). TSA has informed us they will probably only have one computer for the lane as one has gone out for repair and they are awaiting a delivery of a standby unit. Please be advised, due to the computer shortage there may be an extended wait time at the KCM lane. If the wait time is long, crews may be redirected to the employee lane at the C2 checkpoint.

Thank you for your feedback and patience while we worked to resolve this matter. If you encounter any problems at the KCM line in EWR other than a long wait time, please report it to your grievance representative on duty as soon as possible.

In Unity,

Joey Guider, President
Continental Local Executive Council 62

Marcus N. Valentino, President
Continental Master Executive Council