Nominate MEC Officers and Committee Members

Nominate MEC Officers and Committee Members

Dear Membership,

I am excited to report that we have had an overwhelming amount of nominees submit resumes for the up and coming elections for the CALAFA MEC Officers and Committee Chairs. It is suggested that you support your favorite candidate by contacting your local president with your choice of nominees for both Officer’s and Committees. Please take time and review the candidates resumes, keeping in mind that their qualifications for the position should play a key role in your decision. When you have made your selection of whom you would like to support, simply click this link to go to the Nomination Form on the MEC website at . Then fill out the form and click submit at the bottom. The form will be automatically emailed to your Local Council President. It’s simple, easy and important to your future MEC representation.

Member involvement is the strength of our union. Take time and click the link,  fill out the form and make your voice heard.

In Solidarity,

Frank Brown
MEC Interim President