Our Official Representative

Our Official Representative

The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA is our Official Representative

It’s a new day and a new beginning for us as Continental Flight Attendants.  A few hours ago the National Mediation Board officially certified AFA as our representative and now we have the opportunity to take ownership of our future.

What does this mean for us immediately?

Our contract remains in full force and effect.  It is not amendable until September 2, 2012 and we will ensure every provision currently in place is protected.  We will enforce our contract with the assistance of AFA legal.  Going forward we will be coordinating our efforts with the AFA United MEC and we will keep you consistently informed on all union activities.

We will be setting up a grievance committee and we have already reached out to the IAM for a smooth transition of union documents, including grievances on file or pending.  We are working with AFA legal to compile the information and set up our process for processing grievances.  We will also be working to provide representation that can address issues and seek resolution before they become a grievance.

We will also be forming committees for safety, reserve, scheduling, AFA EAP/Professional Standards, communications and many others to address the specific issues that affect us on the job.  We look forward to your help.

It is important that we set up our structure and have a means to get your feedback so that our actions always reflect the will of Continental Flight Attendants.