RE: Health Care Elections for 2014

RE: Health Care Elections for 2014

Dear s-Continental Flight Attendants,

Our challenges in this merger continue unabated but your CAL AFA is up to the task as always. We appreciate your patience as it is a busy week for information – communication is vital to our success.  We continue to unwaveringly uphold the terms, conditions, and intent of our contract.

Today, we have filed a General Grievance with United Airlines under Section 19.B of our Collective Bargaining Agreement. Open enrollment began yesterday, October 14, 2013, for your 2014 health care benefits.  What wasn’t communicated by the Company to the Flight Attendants or the Union, was their elimination of certain plans, benefit levels, and a detrimental cost-shifting to the Flight Attendants – an elimination that in our view, clearly violates Letter of Agreement 18 (LOA 18).

We find this benefits change totally unacceptable and in direct violation of our contract therefore, we are challenging it under the expedited process negotiated in our Collective Bargaining Agreement.  We will exercise our right to arbitrate this issue on an expedited basis if necessary.

In Unity,

Marcus N. Valentino
President, CAL AFA