Severe Weather Warning And Irregular Operations Updates

Severe Weather Warning And Irregular Operations Updates

8.26.2011 — Information from media sources and the National Hurricane Information Center indicate that Hurricane Irene has now been upgraded to a Category 3 storm and will disrupt all forms of travel in areas from North Carolina and the Mid- Atlantic States through the Northeast and into New England beginning Friday evening. All US airlines are preparing contingency plans and United/Continental has stated it will begin cancellations in effected areas on Saturday. AFA is in contact with management and we will be monitoring the situation. We will provide website updates as events warrant.

AFA advises that our members carry the current contract and be familiar with the provisions of Section 5, regarding scheduling and reassignment. AFA representatives will be available through the weekend to assist those effected by this event. We remind you that the contract is also available on our website under:

The most current storm update information is available at the National Hurricane Center Website:

Alternatively,weather information is available at:

To contact a union representative please call us at 1-855-4CAL-AFA or 1-855-422-5232 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

EAP Information: Coping with Stressful and Traumatic Events
As safety professionals, Flight Attendants are typically at greater risk of experiencing traumatic events, such as serious injuries or life threatening situations, than the general public. Such events, whether actual or threatened, can produce a traumatic stress reaction. Exposure to multiple traumatic events may reawaken the feelings and thoughts of prior incidents. Sometimes, such events occur without warning or in ways that leave one with no immediate escape from a threatening situation, thus greatly increasing stress.
People react to traumatic events in many different ways, but there are some common patterns. Fortunately, there are also some effective ways to accelerate recovery. There is no one way to react to a traumatic experience. You may react very differently than your flying partners, both in terms of intensity and time of occurrence. You may experience emotions that keep changing without warning, or you may initially experience no emotions at all.

Don’t wait to ask for assistance if you need help copying with any incident. AFA EAP is available to assist you following a traumatic event or in times of personal crisis. Call 800-424-2406.