Flight Attendants Unified in AFA

Flight Attendants Unified in AFA

Flight Attendants from United, Continental and Continental Micronesia airlines have elected the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA) as our union at the new United.

AFA received 11,942 votes and 9,745 votes were cast for the IAM. A copy of the certified election results will be posted as soon as it is provided by the National Mediation Board. As we welcome our colleagues from Continental and Continental Micronesia, our combined strength is greater than ever and we are poised to make significant strides for Flight Attendants and their families.

Sixty-six years ago the brave women at United Airlines founded our union. AFA has been at the forefront of shaping, advancing and maintaining the Flight Attendant profession. The excitement and energy surrounding this election has been incredible as Flight Attendants recall and learn for the first time the work the Association of Flight Attendants has done to build the profession we love. Professional, dedicated Flight Attendants became activist and spokespersons for our union. We are stronger than ever and ready to make the most out of our future together.

Our union honors difference of opinion and ideas. In an atmosphere of mutual respect, differences can lead to creativity, newness and growth. We are one and it doesn’t matter how we got here – it matters how we move forward as we respect, honor and welcome the contributions of every Flight Attendant.

The merger at United brings new opportunities – Flight Attendants are ready to be unified and to become full participants in the benefits of the merger. We are dedicated to ensuring a successful merger and fully participating in its benefits.

We will negotiate for the priorities set by Flight Attendants and maximize our leverage to set the highest standards at the world’s leading airline. This will benefit Flight Attendants throughout the industry as we lift the standards for all Flight Attendants. There is no limit to what we can accomplish by standing together.

While waiting for the election results to be certified by the NMB, AFA has initiated transition plans for representing Continental and Continental Micronesia Flight Attendants. Negotiations will continue for the United Flight Attendant contract as the AFA structure is put in place at Continental and Continental Micronesia. Ultimately, a single contract will be negotiated based on the priorities set by all 25,000 Flight Attendants at the new United Airlines.

A temporary representation structure for Continental and Continental Micronesia Flight Attendants will be put in place as AFA immediately initiates the process for membership election of union officers, including the process to collect signed membership applications from all Flight Attendants joining our union.

Our union is a reflection of Flight Attendant members. Today is a day to celebrate and a day to recognize the strength, determination and resilience of Flight Attendants. The activism of every member makes our union strong and we encourage every member to continue your involvement in shaping our future. Stay engaged and focus your efforts on what is yet to be accomplished. This is not the end, it is a new beginning. And, we stand with you; excited and ready for our future – together.