Union Update – July 27, 2012

Union Update – July 27, 2012

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Inside This Issue:

  • Safety Survey
  • Political / Legislative Survey
  • Contract Proposal Window Reopens
  • Known Crewmember (KCM) Program
Safety Survey

Have you:

  • been harassed or disciplined for taking time off due to illness or injury?
  • been harassed or disciplined for reporting an on-the-job injury or illness (OJI)?
  • reported to work sick or injured due to fear of discipline?
  • refrained from reporting an OJI for fear of discipline (e.g., accrual of “points”)?
  • faced termination as a result of one or more “violations” of an “attendance” policy?
  • had problems with or have concerns about your employer’s OJI compensation system?

If you can answer “YES!” to any of these questions – AFA would like to share your experiences with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) staff, who are looking into these sorts of discriminatory workplace policies and practices. Click here to read more on calafa.org.

Political / Legislative Survey

This November 6, every AFA-CWA member has on opportunity to ensure a pro-flight attendant majority in Congress and a pro-flight attendant President who will champion our many legislative issues such as preventing outsourcing, obtaining adequate rest and implementing workplace safety and health protections.

To understand the issues that are important to you, and to better gauge your political concerns and opinions, the AFA-CWA Political/Legislative Committee has commissioned a brief survey. We hope you’ll take just a few minutes of your time to respond.

To access the survey follow this link: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/966896/Association-of-Flight-Attendants-CWA-Political-Program-Policy-Survey (this information is also available on the AFA-CWA website).

Contract Proposal Window Reopens

The CAL Flight Attendants have already submitted contract proposals for use in joint negotiations.  Now that the contract ratification process is complete and to ensure that the CAL Flight Attendants have an additional opportunity to participate in the process – we have again opened the Contract Proposal window. The window opened July 14, 2012 and runs through August 5, 2012.  Proposals may be submitted or downloaded online at www.calafa.org/proposal, or you may obtain a form from your grievance desks in each base.  Completed forms may be turned in at the grievance desks or mailed to the MEC office.  The results from all of the proposals submitted earlier as well as during this second proposal window will be combined with the results from the UAL survey.  The combined results will be used in constructing the combined contract.

Known Crewmember (KCM) Program

Known Crewmember is a program of expedited screening for authorized and trusted crew members at security screening checkpoints utilizing established security clearances that each aviation employee clears as a condition of employment.  Flight Attendants could begin to experience expedited screening as early as the fall 2012. Both our Air Safety, Health & Security Committee and Government Affairs Committee have compiled a list of questions and answers to help answer your many inquiries. The Coalition of Flight Attendant Unions praised the inclusion of Flight Attendants into Known Crewmember. Click here to read the full press release.

That is all for now – fly safe,

Marcus N. Valentino, President
Continental Master Executive Council