Union Update – Mar. 24, 2013

Union Update – Mar. 24, 2013

Union Update – Sunday, March 24, 2013

Inside This Issue:

  • Welcome New-Hire Class 1305
  • TSA to Allow Weapons Back Into the Cabin
  • NGP Satellite Base Visits
  • Contract Violation – Deadheading
  • Joint Contract Negotiations

Welcome New-Hire Class 1305
Excitement filled the air as the graduates of Class 1305 were presented with their AFA union pins and contracts Wednesday morning.  Graduation took place March 21st, with 45 new s-CAL Flight Attendants proudly taking part in the ceremonies and looking ahead with great anticipation to their new careers as United Flight Attendants at the s-CAL subsidiary and CAL AFA members. United’s newest s-CAL Flight Attendants will be joining us on-line as they make  IAD, LAX, DEN, NLS and HOS their new homes. Please welcome them warmly to our CAL AFA family.

TSA to Allow Weapons Back Into the Cabin
Please sign the petition at www.NoKnivesOnPlanes.com

We applaud United Airlines for supporting their Flight Attendants and passengers by the corporation’s public expression of opposition to TSA’s plan allowing weapons onboard our aircraft.  We take comfort in knowing that the airline values the safety and security of our crews and passengers.  Allowing the type of weapon used on 9/11 (or any weapons for that matter) back into the cabin is outrageous and we can’t imagine what rationale could be used in support of such a dangerous policy.  The work of Flight Attendants is difficult and dangerous enough–placing them into a situation of additional threat and harm is unconscionable.

NGP Satellite Base Visits
National Group Protection, our supplemental insurance company, is conducting open enrollment in San Francisco March 24th-27th.  This insurance is available to s-CAL Flight Attendants only and is negotiated by your CAL AFA MEC.  The insurance available includes Life, Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness, and Short-Term Disability.  Please be sure to stop in and enroll (or increase your current coverage)—you do not have to be based in SFO to enroll or increase your coverage, you just have to be an s-CAL Flight Attendant.

Contract Violation – Deadheading
After an initial investigation, we have determined that the deadheading-to-rest provisions in our contract are, in fact, violated by the recently negotiated provisions in the UAL ALPA contract.  The s-CAL contract section 3.T.3.b clearly states that when deadheading after the completion of a flight, the boarding priority (including upgrades) is as follows:

Crew members deadheading upon completion of a flight will be boarded in the following order:

  1. Captain
  2. Remaining crew members in order of Company seniority.


The CAL AFA MEC will be filing a General Grievance with the Company on the matter.  The s-CAL contract and all of its provisions are legally binding and cannot be violated by another workgroup’s contract.

Joint Contract Negotiations
The JNC met with the Company in Houston last week.  Please keep up-to-date by visiting www.ourunited.org

That is all for now, fly safe.

In Unity,

Marcus N. Valentino, President
Continental Master Executive Council