Union Update – Nov. 11, 2011

Union Update – Nov. 11, 2011

EAP/Professional Standards: Just a Phone Call for Assistance

The Association of Flight Attendants Employee Assistance Program (AFA-EAP) is a confidential resource available to the membership, their families and their partners to assist with personal and work-related concerns. EAP provides three distinct but interrelated services, including:

  • Assessment, support and resource referral
  • Advancement of professional standards through conflict resolution
  • Response to critical and/ or traumatic incidents.
  • The utilization of this resource is especially important, when dealing with coworker related conflicts.

AFA’s Professional Standards program is designed to empower you to address your workplace conflicts, either directly or through an AFA-EAP representative. It’s purpose is to provide you with an avenue of resolution that is completely separate from the reporting and investigatory process that occurs, when conflicts are reported to
management. Don’t write up your co-worker and bring unwarranted attention to yourself, which may be detrimental to you! Instead, reach out to EAP and have someone help you develop a better resolution. Remember, we’ll always be exposed to conflicts. How we choose to manage them is one of the truest measures of our
character. Your AFA EAP-800-424-2406 or email us: info@calafa.org

Layover Safety

Flight Attendants are responsible for and required to check safety equipment on board the aircraft; as well as, being vigilant in surveying activity during a flight, for security purposes. It’s instinctive for us to follow these procedures; so why not implement the same precautions while on a layover?

  • Do not mention room numbers in the presence of other hotel guests, and request hotel staff not to announce your room number.
  • Insist that the crew sign-in sheet be kept in a secure place.
  • Try to have rooms assigned close to fellow crewmembers, if possible.
  • Prior to closing the room door, check your room with a fellow crewmember and use your suitcase to prop the door open
  • For more helpful tips, please refer to http://calafa.org

Holiday Incentive Program

We are arriving at one of the busiest times of the year for flying at CAL. The incentive program for perfect attendance begins November 16, 2011 through January 15, 2012. If you qualify, one of the following may be awarded: Personal drop (non-paid), a trip trade exception or straight pickup of a trip during special Coupon Window. As further incentive, a flight attendant choosing the trip trade exception can trade a trip for a trip,
that they are qualified to fly. The number of days and hours traded for will be the individual’s choice. A qualifying reserve may choose to move a day off within his or her schedule, or request a personal drop for a reserve day. Eligible program participants may choose which option to use after January 31, 2012.

Congratulations to Cleveland Local Council 63 Newly Elected Officers

President Marcus Valentino
Vice President Jason Jarrell
Secretary Harold Howard Jr.

CAL AFA would like to thank our interim officers Martina Magpoc, Mary Lou Euse, and Shawn Smith for their time and dedication in setting up Council 63. Your efforts and hard work are sincerely appreciated by the CALAFA membership.

On Time Bonus Checks

Despite the early Northeast snowstorm, we ended the month of October with domestic on-time performance of 82%, surpassing our 80% goal and resulting in a $50 on bonus check for the second month in a row. Congratulations!

Lagos, Nigeria

CAL begins service to Lagos (LOS) from Houston on November 16th, 2011. Recent terrorist attacks in the central and northeast regions of the country, as well as a State Department warning for travelers in the city of Abuja, have raised concerns over the safety of crewmembers flying to LOS. Corporate Security remains in contact with local
LOS security personnel and continues to evaluate security procedures to maintain the safety of crewmembers.