Union Update – Nov. 15, 2013

Union Update – Nov. 15, 2013


  • Vacation Bids
  • Uniform Points
  • Layover Hotel and Transportation Update
  • ISMs for WTA and LAI
  • JNC Meets With MECs and Local Presidents

Vacation Bids

Vacation Bid Awards for 2014 will be available via CCS today, November 15. If you have not received your vacation bid award by November 16, please contact your base administration.

Uniform Points

Current uniform point balances will expire on December 31, 2013. Per our sub-Continental contract, 38 total points will roll-over for use in 2014 (ex. if you have 50 points in your current balance, only 38 will roll-over to 2014, 12 points will expire on 12/31/13). Website orders must be placed by 11:59 PM CST on December 31 for remaining use of 2013 points not eligible for roll-over. Phone orders must be placed by 15:00 CST for remaining use of 2013 points not eligible for roll-over. Contact Cintas at 1-800-889-0331 to place a phone order.

Layover Hotel and Transportation Update

As stated in a release by the CALAFA MEC on November 13, we have been meeting with Inflight management to develop a process to better address and expedite problem resolution pertaining to hotel/transportation concerns. Based on our discussions, we are happy to report that the number of hotel/transportation problems has reduced significantly. While we are pleased with the results, the process is not perfect and we will continue to work diligently to address concerns as they arise. Additionally,  the introduction of HOME (Hotel Management Environment) will automate many of the hotel assignment processes which are currently being done manually for S-CO flight attendants. This should again drastically reduce the errors in hotel accommodations or transportation which might occur during irregular or unplanned operations. Also, we are working on streamlining the dispute process by creating a separate and distinct review system for hotel/transportation issues. More details on the process will be available soon. Read the complete update at: calafa.org

ISMs for WTA and LAI

The new LAI and WTA bases will have International Service Managers (ISMs) assigned to support international flying. If you are an active ISM interested in transferring to LAI or WTA, submit your transfer request by December 5, 2013. If an insufficient number of active ISMs transfer to LAI or WTA, additional Flight Attendants may apply to become ISMs for these bases. Therefore, the company may conduct an ISM initial training class in January 2014. 

If you are not an ISM, but are interested in becoming one at LAI or WTA, you must submit your transfer by December 5.

JNC Meets With MECs and Local Presidents

The JNC met in Chicago this week for a special two day meeting with the MECs and Local Presidents of s-CO, s-UA, and s-CMI. This meeting was held to address your concerns as we move forward to a combined contract. Find the complete details at: OurUnited.org

Have a great weekend and fly safe,
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