Union Update – Oct. 27, 2011

Union Update – Oct. 27, 2011


We are listening to your feedback regarding Carry-On Baggage limits for crew members and addressing this concern. CAL-AFA is aware that there is a large percentage of commuting flight attendants. Being on the road for multiple days, requires more personal items to make one’s time away from home, more comfortable. Compiled with this, is a crew members need for specific items to do our job effectively. We should have the tools to do so. Our Master Executive Council (MEC) Safety, Health & Security Committee in conjunction with UAL-AFA MEC SH&S Committee are working with Management to find a solution acceptable to all parties.

In addition to the new FAA restrictive policy, limiting flight attendants not traveling on assignment to one bag and one personal item (1+1) per CO Inflight Bulletin 11-136, some flight attendant carry-on bags will qualify under the exemptions listed in chapter 5 pg. 17, Rev #48 of our Inflight Manual.

We encourage you to review the items that fall within the guidelines provided within this list.

Commuter OOPS!

It has been brought to our attention that there is an escalation in grievance filing(s) regarding the commuter ‘OOPS’ program. SEE: [CBA 6-1 Conscientious Reporting Program] Please be aware, management has been harsh in acknowledging what they consider a valid ‘OOPS’.

While we do not agree with their position, we do suggest to avoid possible confusion or mis-trips — please list yourself on CO flights and avoid using UA flights as a ‘backup’ for commuting purposes.

Again, CAL-AFA disagrees with management’s interpretation of the Conscientious Reporting Program. We are currently working on finding an acceptable resolution.

Election Information

The Department of Labor (DOL) requires unions to distribute campaign literature to candidates for Local Officer Elections. Within our AFA Constitution and Bylaws (C&B), we have a provision that enables us to do that without distributing email addresses. Any candidate is entitled to send us the text of their campaign message, and then we
send it out from our server. The member never receives anyone’s email address. Additionally, to ensure that union dues are not used for political campaigning, we charge the individual a flat fee per campaign email.

On the bottom of the campaign email there should be the following statement: The preceding message is being forwarded to you on behalf of candidates for elective office per the AFA Constitution and Bylaws. This emailing is paid for by the candidate.

If you have any questions regarding ballot issues please call 1-800-424-2401 ext.706 for an immediate response. Also utilize the link at http://www.afacwa.org/elections/ for updates on the election. CALAFA does provide a link to this site on our website (http://calafa.org) under the “News” tab.