Union Update – Sep. 15, 2012

Union Update – Sep. 15, 2012

Inside This Issue:

  • First Labor Management Partnership Meeting a Success
  • We’ve Got an App for That
  • New CAL AFA Communications System Coming Soon
  • Satellite Bases Open October 1st
  • This Month in Labor History
  • Check Out the Latest Rumors

First Labor Management Partnership Meeting a Success

The Union and the Company met on September 11th and 12th for the first official LMP meeting.  The results of that meeting were stellar.  Your MEC has cleared the entire backlogged grievance file docket dating back to early 2000.  Over 400 grievances were settled or closed.  The contract grievances that were closed will be forwarded to the Joint Negotiations Committee so they may address the issues that are currently not supported by our contract language.  Many grievances were settled which means they were awarded a settlement.   We have reached the goal set by the MEC in January to clear all backlogged grievances and move to a real-time grievance handling system – no longer will grievances be filed away and forgotten.

Additionally, the Union and the Company have agreed to establish written protocols for the building of move-up lines for reserves.  The current system is broken and the establishment of procedure’s that are clear and concise will greatly benefit our reserves.   Also, the Union and the Company have established a direct communication protocol for our grievance representatives to contact scheduling management for the immediate resolution of scheduling issues in real-time.  The best way to enforce the contract is to find resolutions to issues before they become a grievance.  Of course not every issue will be able to be resolved in real-time but these new protocol agreements will greatly reduce the number of contract violations and most importantly, improve the quality of life for our Flight Attendants.

Our first Labor-Management Partnership meeting was an incredible success and proves that innovative problem solving in an environment of mutual respect is a superior method of conflict resolution.  We look forward to the continued success and growth of our LMP.

We’ve Got an App for That

Your CAL AFA MEC has developed a new app for all smartphone platforms (Android, IPhone, Windows, and Blackberry) that allows our Flight Attendants access to their Union quickly and easily. Just scan the QR code below or on the attached flyer and you will be taken to the download site. Please be sure to have the settings on your phone to allow non-market apps – it will eventually be available on the Android Market. Also, if you are using an iPhone, please be sure you have downloaded Opera Mini from the App Store. There will be constant evolutionary updates to the app and your feedback will be most appreciated. For issues or feedback, please contact Shaun McNulty at smcnulty@calafa.org.

New CAL AFA Communications System Coming Soon

Your CAL AFA MEC is in the process of rolling out a new unified communication system that will link all of your representatives in a unified platform – merging email, telephony, apps, conferencing, chat, and scheduling into a single system. This system makes the current multiple systems and different methods of communication that currently exist obsolete. Once fully deployed, your representatives will be able to be reached quickly through a new interface and they will be able to collaborate in real-time on any issue system wide. We are investing in technology that will make our ability to represent and respond to our member’s needs second to none.

Satellite Bases Open October 1st

San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, and Washington Dulles open on October 1st. Your MEC and LEC’s have been making preparations for the simultaneous opening of these Satellite Bases. The s-CAL Flight Attendants will have all of the services and representation they are used to – including grievance desks in the crew rooms and full committee support. The Satellite Bases are contractually tied to the following parent bases:

  • LAX and DEN are Council 64 – Houston
  • SFO and IAD are Council 62 – Newark
  • ORD is Council 63 – Cleveland

This Month in Labor History

This is a new column that will appear monthly in our MEC newsletter. We will highlight information about the labor movement that helped pave the way to where AFA as a union is today. While most of us understand the basic fundamentals of organized unions, there are some who do not know how AFA came to be, what unions have done to protect and advance the careers of Flight Attendants and other organized labor forces, or how unions have shaped our country as a whole. There are many great things that have been negotiated on behalf of unionists around the globe that are placed into labor contracts, some of which have been enacted into laws, to protect you, help you, and keep you safe. This column will provide interesting information that we hope will not only entertain you, but also enlighten you as to how organized labor came to be. Click here to read the September Issue.

Check Out the Latest Rumors

Amidst all the rumors on social media and the jumpseat, it’s hard to find a reliable source of information. Rather than rely on other mediums of communication we encourage all members to utilize our Rumor Center page as a resource to dispel rumors. Forty-four rumors have been submitted and answered to date!

That is all for now – fly safe,

Marcus N. Valentino, President
Continental Master Executive Council