We did it! – No Knives, Ever Again

We did it! – No Knives, Ever Again

Congratulations! AFA members were instrumental in taking action to keep knives out of the aircraft cabin!

Moments ago, TSA Administrator Pistole announced that he would rescind the policy to allow knives through airport security check points. He sites the input from the Aviation Security Advisory Committee, which includes AFA’s Director of Safety, Health and Security Chris Witkowski. It was the unity of Flight Attendants throughout the industry on this issue that built momentum and carried us to this outcome today.

Moments ago USA Today posted an article “TSA drops effort to allow knives on planes” which notes right up front that the ill-fated March 5th announcement “sparked a firestorm of opposition from flight attendants.”

We are proud to stand with you. We are proud that we have kept our promise to Never Forget. And, we encourage you to review our “Supporters” page on the NoKnivesOnPlanes.com to see just how expansive our movement became. From all the way across the Pacific where the members of AFA Council 65 inspired a resolution from the full Guam legislature to our state labor Coalitions in Alaska, Washington, Texas and Florida to the halls of Congress, you helped build a powerful coalition for change.

We did it – together. No Knives on Planes, Ever Again.

In Solidarity,

Veda Shook, AFA International President
Sara Nelson, AFA International Vice President
Kevin Creighan, AFA International Secretary-Treasurer