XJT Jumpseat Update

XJT Jumpseat Update

Dear Flight Attendants,

It has come to my attention that there are certain factions and outside entities spreading rumors and misinformation regarding our ability to ride the cabin jumpseat on ExpressJet EMB 145 aircraft.  In particular, there are some who are inaccurately and opportunistically characterizing the situation for their own interests – thereby wrongfully inflaming our Flight Attendants. 

Here are the facts:

  1. There is no known agreement between United Airlines, Inc. (UCH) and ExpressJet, Inc. that revokes (or alters in any way) the ability of s-CAL Flight Attendants to ride on the XJT EMB 145 cabin jumpseat.
  2. The refusal of s-CAL Flight Attendants access to the XJT EMB 145 cabin jumpseat is in violation of current agreements and will be dealt with accordingly. Please document any incidents immediately.
  3. CAL AFA represents the s-CAL Flight Attendants of United Airlines, Inc. (UCH, Inc.) and we will vigorously defend the right of s-CAL Flight Attendants to continue their ability to ride the XJT EMB 145 cabin jumpseat.
  4. CAL AFA has not been consulted about, been privy to, nor commented on any agreements between United Airlines, Inc. and any of their contracted express carriers – including ExpressJet, Inc.  Any agreements, including travel benefits, are decided by and between those parties – not CAL AFA.
  5. CAL AFA does not represent ExpressJet Flight Attendants and therefore has no jurisdiction to negotiate for, nor the legal right to intercede on their behalf with their company, ExpressJet, Inc.
  6. Any negotiations involving ExpressJet Flight Attendants is solely between their union and ExpressJet, Inc. – CAL AFA has no legal jurisdiction or obligation.
  7. CAL AFA always supports our sisters and brothers at other airlines, including those Flight Attendants at ExpressJet, Inc. and will do so up to the limits of our duty to represent our CAL AFA Flight Attendants.
  8. ExpressJet, Inc. Flight Attendants are not employees of United Airlines, Inc. (UCH) or any of its subsidiaries.
  9. If anything changes in the future – CAL AFA will communicate factually and directly to the membership as we always have – do not participate in the rumor mill.

I hope that this clears up all of the consternation generated by the aforementioned distortions. It is never right to spread rumors and misinformation to gain support for alternative viewpoints or to achieve a desired outcome – no matter how beneficial or “fair” that outcome may seem for some.  I hope this permanently addresses this issue.

In Unity,

marcus signature
Marcus N. Valentino
President, CAL AFA